AFib - Question about blood thinners

Posted by dogmom1 @dogmom1, Jun 30, 2019

I am on Sotalol to control blood pressure and heart rate. It seems to be working but I am tired and week all the time. I thought with more movement and exercise, I’d feel better, but it hasn’t helped. I was on Xarelto until I developed blood in my urine. Thought it might be a kidney problem, but when the Xarelto stopped, the blood also disappeared. Kidneys okay. Now, the doctor wants to put me on Eliquis. I’m truthfully really scared of it. The “Common” side effects include bleeding – in the stomach, intestines, brain, or eyes. I know also, that once on it, you shouldn’t stop for fear of blood clots. I really don’t want to be on any blood thinners. Still hoping for more natural solution. Anyone else have experience with this?


I also take Eliquis. I had one episode of A-Fib 4 years ago that lasted only 1 1/2 hours. Haven't had a problem since. Eliquis seems to be the safest of all anticoagulants because it has significantly less risk of bleeding. It actually has less bleeding risk than aspirin. I've cut myself several times and have not had any problems


I'm on Eloquis and have been for a little over a year, after I had a heart attack last May 25. I was also on Brilinta for a year, another blood thinner. Now only Eloquis and a baby aspirin at night. While on Brilinta I had some bruising, sometimes a lot. Now, I don't have any. And I havn't had any bleeds that you mention. All seems to be well.


Well, I wanted to lessen my Eliquis, but cardiologist said, " no". All you have to do is weigh the side effects verse a possible stroke. I'm not willing to gamble with a stroke. After three years, my main issues with Eliquis has been some brown spots on arms and legs, and joint pain. I treated the joint pain with weekly massage therapy and 1500 vit C. It's much better now, only a little bit of stiffness.


I've been taking Eloquis for a little over a year now since a heart attack and have had no problems with it. The downsides of these drugs are very rare, I believe. They have to warn you to cover their liability just in case, but these things rarely occur. Would you rather have a stroke? That can definitely happen if you don't take a blood thinner and you have A-fib.


Had bleeding issues with blood thinner so had watchman implanted.

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How is it working out?


I have been on xarelto for blood thinner for many years – must take with evening meal _ it requires food to not enter blood with fôod. When I had blood in my urine
I had cancer in my bladder twice cancer free for 13 years
Before xeralto I was on plavix and baby aspirin for blood thinner


Hello Group,

I have AFib and am presently on Metoporal and 5MG Eliquis twice a day. Per my doctor and my pharmacist, I understand that I cannot take Advil or like medicines. What is left to take when you are in pain and have inflammation? Tylenol works very minimally for me and does not work at all on inflammation problems. Any advice?

Thank You…CeCe55

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