Blockage in Sphenoid Sinus Causes Daily Headaches

Posted by sharlynn62 @sharlynn62, Nov 30, 2018

I have had chronic sinusitis for several years, accompanied by daily headaches and my ENT, as well as a MRI of my brain have confirmed that my sphenoid sinus (the sinus in the back of your face that is inside your brain) is completed blocked, and their is a build up of mucous like cells surrounding it. This is what I understand of what I've been told. The scary thing is that this sinus is very close to the optic nerve and other important parts of the brain and could cause irreparable damage to my optic nerve that would possibly cause loss of sight. The procedure to open up the sinus is one that is performed under general anesthesia and there is also the risk of the surgeon accidentally disturbing something else in the brain close to the sinus. This surgery is optional, as I can continue as I am and hope that the sinus doesn't become inflamed or swollen and cause damage. However, currently, I am experiencing the daily headaches that are typical with this condition.

Has anyone experienced anything similar and if so, how did you handle the situation?

Hi @sharlynn62, have you made any decisions about surgery yet? I would like to introduce you to @czechmate, @tuckerdoodle, and @huronshores, All connect members whom have mentioned sinus surgery.

Also, here is some sinus information that Mayo offers on their webpage. -

I think researching surgeons that have completed multiple sinus surgeries and looking for facilities that work closely with ophthalmologists should be a big part of your research.

Have you spoke with an ophalmologist to discuss potential risks with a surgery like this?

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