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Posted by victoryohvictory @victoryohvictory, Sep 11, 2017

5weeks ago I had surgery for a prolapse bnladder..I went home with catheter for 10 days and had a uti..I.went to Dr last week for follow up have urine specimen…office called today I have another uti…never had this problem before surgery…I have constant lower back into buttocks pain since surgery…it has now been 5 weeks… What is causing this??

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Hi @victoryohvictory,

Welcome to Connect. I can imagine how frustrating it must be to cope with recurrent UTIs! Here’s some information from Mayo Clinic, which I encourage you to read:
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@victoryohvictory, has your doctor given you an explanation? How are you managing the recurrent UTIs at present?


Hello I had bladder repair surgery 6 months ago and did not have to come home with a cat. I suspect because you had it in for such a long time is why you may be having problems with uti’s (whenever I am cat. I get a uti as well) I have found that tons of water and cranberry extract (in a pill not the juice) has helped there is also another supplement called d-mannose I am going to be trying as well please check with your dr. before taking anything.. however the pain in your back and buttocks took me about 8 to 9 weeks to go completely away…I am so glad I had this surgery I am having some issues with pelvic floor muscle spasms I had them before the surgery and my dr. did warn me they would come back like a fire storm but would taper off I see a p/t that specializes in pelvic floor disorders of all types and has been very helpful…good luck and take it easy and let your body heal it was (and still is) a tough recovery but I can now walk without feeling like my insides are falling out…by the way I have a uti now as well out of the blue I guess my bladder is still in shock…I have also found my chiropractor has been very helpful since the surgery I have a problem with my hips maybe something to do with the way you are positioned on the operating table????? Take care

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