Bladder surgery

Posted by victoryohvictory @victoryohvictory, Sep 11, 2017

5weeks ago I had surgery for a prolapse bnladder..I went home with catheter for 10 days and had a uti..I.went to Dr last week for follow up have urine called today I have another uti...never had this problem before surgery...I have constant lower back into buttocks pain since has now been 5 weeks... What is causing this??

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Hi @victoryohvictory,

Welcome to Connect. I can imagine how frustrating it must be to cope with recurrent UTIs! Here's some information from Mayo Clinic, which I encourage you to read:

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@victoryohvictory, has your doctor given you an explanation? How are you managing the recurrent UTIs at present?


Hello I had bladder repair surgery 6 months ago and did not have to come home with a cat. I suspect because you had it in for such a long time is why you may be having problems with uti's (whenever I am cat. I get a uti as well) I have found that tons of water and cranberry extract (in a pill not the juice) has helped there is also another supplement called d-mannose I am going to be trying as well please check with your dr. before taking anything.. however the pain in your back and buttocks took me about 8 to 9 weeks to go completely away...I am so glad I had this surgery I am having some issues with pelvic floor muscle spasms I had them before the surgery and my dr. did warn me they would come back like a fire storm but would taper off I see a p/t that specializes in pelvic floor disorders of all types and has been very helpful...good luck and take it easy and let your body heal it was (and still is) a tough recovery but I can now walk without feeling like my insides are falling the way I have a uti now as well out of the blue I guess my bladder is still in shock...I have also found my chiropractor has been very helpful since the surgery I have a problem with my hips maybe something to do with the way you are positioned on the operating table????? Take care


What type of prolapse bladder surgery did you have? Did the doctor use a mesh?
How long did it take to heal?
How are you now?
Sorry for so many questions.
I have an appt with a urogynecologist on March 20, 2023.
It would be very helpful to have some of these questions answered. Thank you for your time and help.
Take care.


I had bladder surgery (prolapsed bladder) in March of 2022. They fixed my bladder in place with a so called purse strap procedure. They went to it through a cut in the bottom of my vulva. It took several weeks to heal fully, but was not very painful if left alone. I now have full control of my bladder again, not leaking or other problems. I am glad that I had it done, because it allows for a normal life again, and no need to constantly have pads in my underwear.

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