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recurrent bladder infections after prolapse surgery

Posted by Anonymous-495b0999 in Kidney & Bladder, Sep 26, 2011

I have suffered six urinary tract infections after prolapse and urethral sling surgery In November 2010. That surgery required two additional surgeries to take down a urethra sling. I have been on antibiotics 4 of the past 10 months. I fear any additional surgery will make me worse.
I live in a small city and don't know where to go for the best help. Can someone help?


Posted by @sweetgrannie8, Dec 18, 2011

I have had a bladder sling put in and have infection pretty much back to back too. I ended up in the hospital with c-diff for 6 days because the antibiotics killed off the good bacteria in my system as well as the bad.


Posted by @nativefloridian, Dec 19, 2011

Bless your hearts, ladies! I am so thankful to read your comments and to have declined the same bladder sling surgery last year! Whenever I've had a urinary catheter, I've always gotten a bladder infection. I don't understand why you would have repeated bladder infections, but I want to figure it out now. I can understand having one infection right after surgery but multiple infections? I don't believe you should stay on the antibiotics because that is detrimental to your immune system. You need your good bacteria! I am wondering if there is some sort of 'defect' in your bladder slings. If so, you may have a malpractice case. Certainly you can see the physicians at Mayo Clinic. Even if you are far away, you can make an appointment and it would be worth it to travel to one of their locations to be evaluated. Please don't wait another day. Make your appointments today. I hope you both have a wonder holiday season and that you find the best medical care possible for your conditions. I'm so sad that you've both been so ill because of a surgery that was supposed to make your life better. Blessings, be well!


Posted by @mellynntelusnet, Feb 22, 2012

how does the sling work i had a blatter lift years ago so not sure what to go with


Posted by @birdntroutlady, Mar 27, 2012

Which "kind" of doctor should one see for this problem?


Posted by @teresahbarnett, Dec 29, 2011

3 surgeries after a initial hysterectomy with TVT mini arc mesh and on different antibiotics for a year and just finished IV therapy for entercocci bacteria. In pain, frustrated and tired. Thinking Mayo!!!


Posted by @mellynntelusnet, Feb 22, 2012

has any one have this operation need help sacrospinsous fixation rectoenterocle repair

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