Bispecific antibodies For Multiple Myeloma

Posted by lgeorge @lgeorge, May 26 7:26am

Good Day,
Has anyone investigated or have been offered Bispecific antibodies to treat multiple myeloma or for any type of cancer? If so, have you heard or have you gotten good results with this treatment?

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@lgeorge, I had to look up this new treatment option for patients with myeloma that uses antibodies to activate the patient's own T-cells to kill their tumor cells.
– Bispecific Antibodies in Multiple Myeloma: Opportunities to Enhance Efficacy and Improve Safety

Is this treatment option available for you? Will you be part of a clinical trial?


Well not at the moment. I have been following it but i wasn't sure if anyone as of yet been offered this as a first line of treatment.

Thank you for the article

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