Best’s diseased (vitelliform macular dystrophy)

Posted by beckydubolsky @beckydubolsky, May 16, 2023

Hello 👋
Is there anyone in this group who has been diagnosed with vitelloform macular dystrophy (Best’s disease)?

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I was diagnosed about 12 months ago.
Thank God my right eye only


Glad to meet you as Best’s is a rare disease. May I ask:
How old are you?
What lead to your diagnosis?
How were you diagnosed?


I was diagnosed with Bests in the last 12 months.
Went for a simple eye test where they found a "lesion" and was referred to a Ophthalmologist, then the eye and ear hospital.
Just now awaiting the confirmation from genetic testing.

Its in my left eye, and I am 32 years old.
No mention of Bests in my family history.
Feels like a very random diagnosis to receive, but it is what it is hey!


It runs in my family if you have any additional questions! Through genetic testing, it has been established that we have the genetic mutation causing the disease.

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