Best trackers for lost loved ones with dementia

Posted by Kim Webb @mrjohnwebb, Apr 19 9:32am

I am planning ahead and need some guidance. I am caregiver for both my mom and husband. We all live together since my father died late last year. I am concerned about how to find them if one of them wanders off. What trackers have you found that work for locating lost loved ones? I like the idea of medical ID bracelets as well and have been following that forum question as well.
Thanks so much!

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Four years ago, My husband wore a TheoraLink watch for a while. It was a reasonably good tracker. Part of the challenge was ensuring my husband would keep it on. A benefit of the watch was that he could call me using the watch by simply pushing a button. I could call him using the watch. The watch could only receive calls from allowed phone numbers which was a relief to avoid spam. It was a pricey watch and requires a monthly fee.
I suspect you could get comparable results with an Apple Watch.


I know some people use Apple Airtags and put one in their LO's wallet so they can track them with the FindMy app on their iPhone.


Airtags can also be placed on shoes, belt loops, and other garments. The trick, of course, is to be creative / ingenious so that the wearer will not locate it and remove it.



Is there a monthly fee with AirTag?


Our local sheriff’s department has a program that provides a bracelet or ankle monitor to help find someone with dementia or special needs. I have not used it, but know people who did. I put a medical ID bracelet on my husband’s wrist. It’s not easy to remove so he’s never taken it off. It has his name & my phone number and the words “mental impairment”. I also bought a Care Smart Watch through Verizon that has GPS & phone and he can call us, if he can remember how, and numbers entered into his phone can call him. I was not always pleased with the watch and really he is now past the point of my worrying about his wandering. Too weak.


Just got hubby a watch from life station. Monthly fee. If he needs help he pushes watch and they talk to him through the watch. I have a phone number they gave me where I can text just 2 words Find John. The text gets back to me with location where hubby is. I’ll be more relieved when he gives up his car.

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