Bedwetting for a 13 year old boy. Is M.O.P. good?

Posted by hngjenjmsa @hngjenjmsa, Apr 28, 2021

13 year old has tried alarms, liquid controlled, everything. Is the M.O.P. program safe?

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Hi @hngjenjmsa, welcome to the About Kids& Teens group. I can imagine that bedwetting is concerning for you and for the 13 year old. Does this happen only at night or also day time? Have urinary tract infections or bowel issues been explored?


Hello @hngjenjmsa. I do not have experience with the M.O.P. method, however, I found the following information that may be helpful as you consider it for your son.

M.O.P. Bedwetting Accidents (book):
This is a link to a 30-second video explaining the method:,Mayo%20Clinic's%20pediatric%20urology%20department.
Have you discussed this with your pediatrician?

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