B-cell prolymphocytic leukemia (B-PLL)

Posted by bflattenor @bflattenor, Aug 6, 2018

Does anyone have B-PLL or have been a caregiver for someone who has or has had B-PLL? I need to communicate with someone who understands.

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Watch and wait is what he is doing now after trying ibrutinib which gave him severe results.

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After I had to get off of imbruvica (due to that type of drug not working any more and me getting hospitalized with sepsis) I went on venetoclax with very good results and have been on it one year now. If you can get that, try it. An alternative to imbruvica (if you need an alternate but similar drug) is to try acalabrutinib which is supposed to have less side effects than imbruvica

Please note that B-PLL is treated the same as a high risk CLL (chronic lymphoctyic leukemia) due to there are so few of us out there with B-PLL. So the drugs for CLL high risk cases should be considered for use for your husband's B-PLL case

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