Autoimmune rash

Posted by killme1980 @killme1980, Thu, Nov 28 4:18pm

I have been getting a rash covering most of my body every time I get the slightest bit sick over the past 10 years. I have been told it was autoimmune and probably cause from when I got a almost deadly case of the bird flu. I don’t have any itching with it it just makes me look like I have the plague when it’s active. It effects everything except my face so that’s a plus but I’m beginning to wonder if it’s really that or maybe something else. The doctors never did any test when it’s active they just shrugged it off as autoimmune and that’s all.



Hello @killme1980, Welcome to Connect. I'm sure it must be frustrating to have a rash that comes and goes and not be able to find out what's causing the rash. You mentioned the doctors shrugged it off and didn't bother to do any testing while the rash was active. Have you throught about getting a second opinion?

Medical News Today has an article that may provide some helpful information — Skin rash: 68 pictures, causes, and treatments


@killme1980 Hello. I really agree with @johnbishop about getting a second opinion. You said the rash doesn’t itch, thank heavens! Do you get a warning that it’s coming? Does it come often? You might try keeping a log each time you get a rash. Include how you felt, any fever, cold symptoms, how long it lasted, etc. You might also try unscented laundry and personal soaps. Many people develop allergies to all these commercial scents. When will you be able to see your doctor again?


@killme1980 Yes last month l had a rash and itching l went to my internist and she didn't know what it was. l was concerned because l thought it was shingles. Since l had it when l first got married in 1978 but it was under my eyes. So my doctor wanted to send me to the dermatologist. And the rash was all around my neck, arms, back, legs. I had my own dermatologist so when l went to her by than it was healing so it could have been a medication or something going on in the hospital because l was a patient in the ER for a couple a day until a bed came open. But she recommended an over the counter lotion because with autoimmune disease you seem to be highly allergic to things. Good Luck and God bless


@killme1980 I’ve been wondering about your rash. Has it changed at all? Have you seen any new doctors and what do they say? Just concerned

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