Auranofin aka Ridaura Demodifying Anti-Rheumatic Drug (DMARD)

Posted by sunnyflower @sunnyflower, Feb 25 8:59pm

Hello. I have mixed connective tissue autoimmune disease. I take daily Prednisone and Auranofin, both immunosuppressant drugs. I also used to take Plaquenil aka Hydroxychloroquine, for over 20 years until it caused some tissue death on my retina. My rheumatologist has told me for many years that no one takes Auranofin/Ridaura anymore! I have to have blood and urine tested every month b/c this drug is so toxic, mostly to the kidneys. I was wondering if any of you take this medication? I have tried to discontinue it 8 times over the years but it caused my body to have such a huge, intolerable, overwhelming pain response that I said, "I will never, ever, ever try to get off this drug again!". Eight times I went through that and said that! It has a long half-life and the withdrawal pain didn't begin until about the 4th week; give or take. Thanks for taking the time. Warmest wishes, Sunnyflower

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