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Hello. Won't be making my 9th attempt to get off this drug until the 3rd week of June. Yes, my doctor has told me that she will increase my morphine as needed.

It has such a long half – life that withdrawal Sxs don't usually show up until around week 4, give or take.

I recall it being so brutal that I said I would never, ever try to get off this drug again!!

This time could be entirely different however, it suppresses my immune system bc it was too overactivated and lessened that pain significantly. I will still be on my daily Prednisone for life so will be on only one immunosuppressant medication if I can get off the Auranofin aka Ridaura. I used to be on three when I was on the Plaquenil as well.

Thanks so much for asking. I hope you are ok? Are you taking Auranofin?

Warmest wishes, Sunnyflower

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@sunnyflower Im so happy to hear that your doctor is going to help you!
And it was nice of you to ask about me.I’m currently on prednisone and hoping to start mycofenilate mofitile (CellCept) sometime in June. I was on CellCept before but the doctor tapered my prednisone too fast and I had a relapse. Aren’t these medicine fun! Not!
Will you be sure to let me know how getting off the Auranofin goes?