Arikayce and airway clearance

Posted by marthamac @marthamac, Jan 11 4:05pm

This is a question for anyone who has used Arikayce. I'm just adding IV imipenem and inhaled Arikayce to clarithromycin and ethambutol (stopping the rifampin) to treat my combined MAC and abscessus. I'm trying to figure out how to fit all this into my day, along with enough nutrition and a daily walk for exercise. The IV will take about 2 hours twice a day, 12 hours apart, so it's kind of tricky. Is it a good idea to do the albuterol, saline neb, aerobika, arikayce all in one run, or is it better to separate the arikayce and do it at another time? Has anyone done the airway clearance and/or arikayce while the iv infusion is going through a picc line? I gues I worry about shaking it all up in there! Any tips for managing all this would be greatly appreciated!

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I'm doing the Arikayce, three meds, Albuterol & the Sodium solution & that takes some time. How does the IV work and do you find it effective? Been considering that but was told about strong side effects. Just wondering &
it takes 2 hours? That's quite a run!


I use my bronchodilator (for me, it's levalbuterol) prior to the Arikayce, but I separate the Arikayce from the saline/Aerobika. Both make me cough a lot so it works best for me to separate them. I haven't been on IV imipenem, but I was on IV ertapenem. It used an elastomeric device that could be put in a bag and carried around the house with me while the infusion was going through the picc line (much easier than a bag hanging on an IV pole). It didn't seem to be a problem to neb or use the Aerobika at the same time (and I wasn't told to separate them). It is a lot to try to fit into the day! I hope they work well for you!

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