Are there other causes of high iron besides hemochromatosis?

Posted by elmtree @elmtree, May 21, 2019

My iron saturation has been at 75% for at least a year (since I first checked). I was tested for hemochromatosis and found that I did not have it. I do carry one each of a couple of the genes for this. My total iron is 210.

C282Y: One copy of the C282Y mutation was identified.

H63D: Not detected.

S65C: One copy of the S65C mutation was identified.

I am wondering what could be causing this. My symptoms are fatigue, frequent mouth ulcers, and tongue swelling.

Hello @elmtree. Did your provider suggest any possible reasons or further testing to be done to help find another cause? Here is another discussion you may want to check out to see what a few other members had to say about high iron counts in their blood,


The doctor who ordered the test thought my genes mean I could have a lighter version of hemochromatosis and he thought I should give blood. My general doctor does not think this is necessary because my ferritin is normal and I don't have any organ damage.

Thanks for the link.

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