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My 39 yr old son is suffering in pain missing work. On the verge of getting fired due to missed work. He filled out online request met ins requirement. And given appt for Jan 2022. Given his symptoms he wants to be seen while he still has ins from his 18yr employer. He is in constant pain. Has been undergoing blood withdrawls weekly for 2 yrs. Has seen Neuro-Gastro- Primary- ruled out MS and a bunch of other things. Cat Scans -Mri-- His hemotologist said he has never seen someone to continue to have symptoms after there iron levels were in normal range. Has been suffering for 2 years.Has signed consent for all tests results from all of his doc to be sent. I will be driving him so my Daughter in law can stay home with all of my Grandkids.Any tips on getting in sooner. Please and thanks

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Hi @judyn, I can imagine how concerned you are for your son's health and the complications with work absences and the threat of losing insurance. Has your son called Mayo Clinic to let them know about the terms of his insurance and the need to get an appointment sooner? Is he able to get a leave of absence from his work without losing his insurance until his health improves?