Are there any transplant caregivers out there?

Posted by jodeej @jodeej, Jan 29, 2018

Just looking for support while we are waiting for my husbands liver transplant. We aren’t near Rochester so I can’t attend the groups there and I can’t find any where we live.
Thank you!

Hello @jodeej I am Scott and it is nice to e-meet you here. While I am not a caregiver for someone waiting for a transplant, I was my wife’s caregiver for many years and I can say the times of waiting were often some of the worse for us. While we are not all in the same ‘room’ Connect is a great place to find folks who have some experiences they can share. The more sharing the quicker the time passes I believe.

We are so often accustomed to instant answers and fixes in our medical care that the times of waiting are some of the most difficult to manage.

I hope you can find somethings to help you pass the time.

Are they are specific questions you have regarding caregiving for transplant patients?

Strength, courage, and peace!

Hi Scott,
I don’t have specific questions. I think I am more looking for support and to connect with other caregivers. I am pretty good at taking care of myself. I exercise, get massages and try to get together with friends. You are right about the waiting….it is so hard to do!!

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