Aortic valve replacement & Ablation

Posted by dlruff @dlruff, Nov 8, 2017

Recently (3 weeks ago) had an aortic valve replacement. Right after my heart found a SVT that I also had and went into a tachycardia, and a few days later I had an Ablation to correct the SVT issue. Since then I have been recovering. Recovery has been pretty good, but i have had a few times (4) where i get an extreme pain at the bottom of my chest and it radiates to my back. The pain is so severe that I have a tough time breathing. It lasts for about 5-10 minutes or until I can get an Oxycodo down and let i work. Has anyone experienced this? Is this part of healing?

Hello @dlruff,

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@dlruff, have you told the cardiologist about your chest pain?

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