Anyone with LC have total knee replacement?

Posted by ebergfeld @ebergfeld, Mar 8 8:31am

My husband has had LC since early 2020 and has now had a total knee replacement on 12/5/23. He continues to struggle with recovery due to uncontrolled inflammation issues. We hadn't given this enough consideration prior to the knee surgery - if he would have known how long recovery might be (not sure now if it will be a full recovery of knee), I don't think he would have had it done. Wanted to post just to alert others of the issues as well as ask if anyone else has been down this road and have any insights as to length of time for recovery, etc? He has been on LDN and that has helped a bit and I am doing lymphatic massage daily for him which is also helpful, but overall, this has been an added kick in the gut so to speak.

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