Anyone here with Medullary Thyroid Cancer ?

Posted by christys @christys, Feb 22 5:38pm

I had my 1st surgery in complete thyroid removal in 2017 and 2 more after that.

Hi @christys, welcome to the group. @lindameyerson and @lbhoffman also have experience with medullary thyroid cancer.

Christy, while we wait for others to join the discussion, can you share more about your cancer experience? After the complete thyroidectomy, what did the subsequent two surgeries consist of? How are you doing today?


The other neck surgeries I had were for complete next dissection's to remove several lymph nodes, then in my sternal notch area. I've had 2 Pet scans, many CT and ultrasound scans since 2017. My MTC is sporadic and is slow growing.

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