Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy?

Posted by rabbit10 @rabbit10, Apr 9, 2016

Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy?


Hi Peops my story has an unusual result I was diagnosed with PN when I lived in Australia I was working as a bookmaker on a Masonic charitable golf day
When it finished I didn’t get collected as planned so had to walk back to the club house and with out any warning the pain of walking was unbearable
So it was of to the Drs who referred me to the specialist there followed MRI scans sensitive tests and even a HIV test (negative) it was after all these tests I was told I had PN slowly it was getting worse I moved back to the UK more tests and was told it shouldn’t get any worse How wrong that was over time I’ve tried several off the recommended painkillers gabapentin endone OxyContin solpoldol & morphine the pain was getting worse the pain killers were playing with my mind and dragging my body down I even discussed cannabis with my Dr who would try it if it became legal, but the pain was becoming unbearable often at an 8/9′ pain leval action was needed so I took my self off of all pain killers and got the phone no of a woman here in Ireland called her up and had a good chat with her spoke of my problems and asked her if she could or would try to help. Although she had never attempted any thing like it she was prepared to have a go if I would accept it might not produce results l met up with her some days later and spent 2+ hours with her with a pain leval of the 8/9 range when we finished the meeting my pain leval was down to a leval 2 that was some 4 months ago and that is how it has stayed ever since what a difference it has made to my life and it’s great to have a good nights sleep , now your all wondering what could replace major pain killers to such a degree well it’s something I have always believed in HYPNOTHERAPY

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Hello @freakers. First, I would like to welcome you to Connect and thank you for posting about your battle with peripheral neuropathy and other medical issues. I moved your post in to an existing long discussion on dealing with peripheral neuropathy. I did this so you could meet our many members already discussing this topic. If you are replying by email, I recommend clicking on VIEW & REPLY at the bottom of your notification so you will be taken to the full discussion. You can read through some of the messages and get to know other members.