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Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy?

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I developed peripheral neuropathy because of chemo. My oncologist says the only thing studies have proven effective is gabapentin (neurotoxin) It doesn’t work for everyone and if the dose isn’t high enough it won’t work at all. I think it has gotten slightly better but my fingers and toes and soles are pretty numb and cold makes it worse. I know others suffer more severely and at least I’m not in pain but you might want to ask your doctor about medication. I’m glad to read above there may be new treatments down the pipe. Ones based on science, not snake oil

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I also have chemo induced peripheral neuropathy (as well as autonomic neuropathy) which has worsened since 2006 . After 15 Laser and soft tissue treatment this past fall, I regained some feeling in my feet and big improvement in my legs and some in my fingers. I consider myself one of the very lucky ones because so far I’ve only had a couple of extreme pain episodes.
I have participated in Physical Therapy since completing the laser treatments to work on balance and strength. Even though I have improved in those areas my dynamic balance is still poor, so I’m purchasing a rollator with a seat today to improve my mobility and let me get out of the house and take part in some activities … like walking safely. Although I can walk very short distances unaided, and quite a bit longer with my walking stick or Nordic Pole trekking sticks, when I tire, neither are enough to keep me from falling —- thus the seat on the rollator.

Most interesting, this is the 2nd on Laser Therapy, thanks a lot – I have just replied to another one, see on Mayo Clinic Connect, These support my effort to make my own laser with high output and possibility of scanning the legs and see what happens!do you no longer need any pills such as Lyrica and other?I am still trying to get off Opioids and this may be the answer.Nice to hear you have succeeded to get rid of the pain  – does it last you think or will you repeat the treatment?

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