Anyone have taken Paxlovid or Molnupiravir?

Posted by echo2022 @echo2022, Dec 31, 2022

I've gotten infected with Covid for 8days. I'm taking Molnupiravir. It seems it doesn't work very well. I have cough and feel fatigue. I often feel hot inside my body and wake up at midnight, but the temperature is ok. I'm concerning I would get worse after finishing the medication. I heard we can't take Paxlovid because it will add Tacrolimus in our blood. Do you think we can reduce some of Tacrolimus when we take Paxlovid?

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Hi @echo2022
I am so sorry to hear about your covid infection. I caught covid in October and my nephrologist sent me to the hospital for the monoclonal antibodies infusion. I am a kidney transplant patient on immune suppression meds. Since that time, I have read that the FDA is no longer recommending the currently available monoclonal antibodies infusion because it is not showing efficacy at neutralizing the new covid subvariants. (I am hopeful that the biotech companies will be updating the vaccines, Evusheld, and monoclonal antibodies for the new subvariants coming our way).
In the meantime, since you currently have covid, did you contact your transplant team or call the 24 hour line with your update on how you are feeling? From the warning email I received from my doctor to all transplant patients, Paxloid seems like a bad drug for us. Maybe you can discuss if Remdesivir (three infusions) or another medication would be helpful? I think Remdesivir is the direction I would try to go. I am unfamiliar with Molnupiravir. Is Molnupiravir an oral antiviral medication prescribed by your transplant team or local doctor?


Molnupiravir is an oral antiviral medication prescribed by my family doctor and I also sent emails to the nurse of my transplant team. My transplant team asked me to see my family doctor. Currently Molnupriravir doesn't work well than Paxlovid. I caught covid in July. I got Babtelovimab infusion, and I recovered in 3days.


I got COVID back in April 2022. It was the weekend, reached out to my Transplant team in my portal, no response. Went to my doctor and he put me on Paxlovid, my Tac numbers went sky high. Although it really helped me with my symptoms, when my transplant team finally got back to me on Monday they freaked out. I had blood tests done all week and they pulled me off it. Finally my numbers came down and all was well. But most likely your transplant team will tell you No.

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