Anyone have long-COVID and mono?

Posted by lauragwi @lauragwi, May 30 2:53pm

I came down with COVID March 31, 2020. Have been experiencing moderate long-COVID ever since - fatigue every day, lung symptoms, some systemic things like getting sick more often and heart rate not going down after strenuous exercise. Fall 2023 I came down with mono. I got over it after a few months and January I had some days where I felt normal for the first time, and actually felt refreshed in the morning and had energy. I was so grateful to finally be getting some relief from long COVID. Now as of mid-February/March, that's all gone. I am back to feeling extra fatigued and getting sick often. I also have some headaches off and on and stiff neck, both of which I only had with mono and not long-COVID. I am wondering if my backslide is more due to same old long-COVID, or mono flaring up periodically. Wonder if anyone else has had mono after getting COVID and what your experience was like.

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Greetings, I just posted something about long covid & EBV and something that helped me!

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