Anyone have experience with having a Sacral nerve stimulator?

Posted by januaryjane @januaryjane, Apr 8, 2020

<p>Hi- i have an appointment to get a sacral nerve stimulator. Has anyone ever had this or know about it?? I'm just trying to get first hand info. and experience, thanks.</p>

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I had a colectomy because of severe diverticular disease. The surgeon was able to make an a anastomoses so I don’t have to wear a bag. It was very successful.

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Hi, I’m having my entire colon removed the end of September and I’m terrified. The doc is 85% sure no bag. I have severe motility in my colon and I haven’t passed stool in 14 months. I’ve tried everything. No medication worked and I’ve been trying PT for 4 months. Laxatives make me severely sick but I have to take them. I wish someone could help me understand recovery. I’m allergic to pain meds so I will get nothing. Please reply if you can help me prepare.
Thank you…Joanne

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