Anyone had 2 lobectomies, years apart?

Posted by loulou2023 @loulou2023, Apr 13 9:57am

hey everyone! I was diagnosed nine years ago with lung cancer NSCLC Stage 1 T2 N0. I had an upper left lobectomy. For eight years, I had no reoccurring cancer. I did all my CT scans as directed. unfortunately, the last one showed a spot that we had been following.PET scan done and it showed cancer in my hilar lymph node and in my upper right lung .Libectomy and and chemo is the suggested plan.My pulmonary function test indicated that could function if the upper right lung was removed and hilar lymph node. I am so concerned that I will be unable to function! Anyone else had 2 lobectomys and how are you doing???

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The surgeon said I am not a surgical candidate. The spot on my upper lung was not cancerous but the lower was squamous cell. I also have a lung fungus, aspergillosis. Only me lol
Waiting on call for how they want to proceed. I know radiation. Thanks for checking on me

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@patbrennan also had lung cancer and lung infection.


Hi loulou2023, I have had 2 lobectomies. One in 2019 left upper , and the right upper in 2021 . I get winded easily but am able to function very well. I started playing pickleball again this spring. My second surgery was alittle more recovery time but I took that as I was also older and recovery was just a bit longer. I’m 69 now . Unfortunately for me, I was also diagnosed with NETS metastasis to the liver in 2022 and am currently on oral Chemo with no side effects!

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