Any experience with targeted therapy for BRAF V600E mutated tumor(s)?

Posted by Tom Schwerdt @tomschwerdt, May 21 7:58am

So, it seems a fair number of tumors are caused by a local mutation designated BRAF V600E. There are specific targeted therapies for cancers with this mutation which are FDA approved, usually dabrafenib combined with trametinib. I was wondering if anyone here had experienced this treatment approach or were aware of an oncologist comfortable with this approach.
– FDA grants accelerated approval to dabrafenib in combination with trametinib for unresectable or metastatic solid tumors with BRAF V600E mutation

My own case is a bit more complicated since for some reason the medical community designates the tumor destroying my jawbone (mandibular ameloblastoma) as "not cancer". From the literature I've read, the majority (and likely the vast majority) of mandibular ameloblastoma cases have the BRAF V600E mutation.

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I'm tagging @dgruk @duckduck2020 @audrapopp as they have experience with BRAF V600E mutated tumors.

@tomschwerdt, like others have mentioned, it seems odd that a growing tumor of abnormal cells is not categorized as cancer. Have you questioned this and received an explanation? I'd like to understand better.


Hey @colleenyoung – I have not gotten a solid answer on that question. My original hypothesis was that ameloblastomas don't metastasize, but that was wrong. A small portion of ameloblastomas do metastasize.

Is there an oncologist who participates here that we could ping?

Had my initial surgery yesterday – early discussions called it a "biopsy" – but it was officially designated "removal for lesions" – likely to be weeks before lab results are in.

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