Anyone experienced post covid tingling near mouth area

Posted by ihndz @ihndz, Mar 10, 2023

I had covid in 2020 and again January 2023, suddenly I started feeling weird, first it was a light numbness by my left lip like when you have dental work and the lip is waking up then it changed into a mild tingling sensation whenever I pass my hand gently
by my left jawline area, it's near my lower lip area on the left side only. I went to a neurologist yesterday, he prescribed a muscle relaxant to see if that will help and an MRI of my brain for next Tuesday to make sure everything is ok. Im just curious if anyone experienced something similar after covid19. Thanks in advance

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I’m sorry you’re experiencing so much pain. Hope your awareness of triggers will start to pay off.
A neurologist told me my buzzing experiences and mouth tingles and numbness are from hyper vigilance, due to stress. So I’m doing yoga, trying sound baths, and relaxing music!

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Thank you. I try to do pilates+yoga as well. Thanks for sharing your neurologist's take on that. I will try sound bath as well. I don't know why all is happening (perhaps a combination of various factors) but stress definitely aggravates my symptoms, that's certain. Resting and relaxing the body hopefully puts the body into a state of healing. Best wishes...


I'm experiencing this weird pulling sensation on my left lower lip too. I have COVID and i am assuming this is related to some neurological symptom.


I have tingling above the left upper lip that comes and goes. Very similar to the tingling in my left leg. Sometimes I feel a "pull" on the lower lip that extends into the jaw/below jaw line. On a few occasions I have had the chance to look in the mirror quick but I don't notice any difference like drooping.


I report the exact same symptoms. I had covid in 2023 and during that week I started experiencing facial numbness in particular around the left upper lip and mouth but also in general in the left side of the face. MRI came normal but the numbness persists. Now I am trying a gluten free diet, the numbness improved slightly but has not disappeared. Do you have any updates? I feel there is not much research on this neurological problem associated with covid.


I did have that tingling in the very beginning-September and October 2023, but if it is any "constellation prize"-mine went away after about 2 or 3 weeks. It was irritating, to say the least, but I massaged it with my jade face roller several times a day to kind of "stimulate" and boost the circulation of the nerves in that area. That helped it, in my opinion. They are not expensive, just make sure to get a real jade or rose quartz roller and do it every day for a few minutes morning and evening while you are just resting or watching tv. There are some new "ice rollers" that might help, but I cant speak to those. I just know stimulating the area did help me. (i dont have any monetary interest in these jade rollers, I am just trying to give you a few options that helped me)

So I am hoping that others have that experience where it just goes away.


see my comment in this thread on what helped me. good luck to you! we all need it.

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