Anyone else have MGUS and low cortisol levels?

Posted by ajbonett @ajbonett, Oct 4 7:12pm

I was diagnosed with MGUS about a year and half ago. I'm stable and under the care of a good hematologist. I see him next week for my quarterly check and an iron infusion. I was recently diagnosed as having very low cortisol levels by my endocrinologist. I will have more tests done for this in about 10 days. In the meantime, I wear out very quickly and wheeze with the slightest activity. I'm wondering if treatment for the cortisol issue may cause an issue with my MGUS. Is anyone else dealing with this combination of issues?

Thank you for your thoughts…

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@ajbonett, are you on any medication that may lower your cortisol levels? Did you talk with your hematologist about your concerns?

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