Anyone else have issues with periodic vein issues/pain?

Posted by abaade @abaade, Mar 10 8:17am

From time to time I have what I think is a vein swell and turn blueish purple. It's always been in my right hand. Once it felt like a bee sting and a vein in the side of my index finger was bulging and discolored. When I touched the area it felt like I was rubbing broken glass into my skin. Other times it feels like the vein is swollen and it runs across a knuckle. It's raised and discolored as well. It's painful to move the affected knuckle.

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Yes! I hadn’t posted this symptom before. I just ignored it, but I’ve had it happen quite a few times. I’ve focused more on my more torturous symptoms like smell/taste disorders. I’ve shown the inflamed veins to my doctors. They said, thinning skin! Hey…I’m not very old. I thought I had a photo of this one arm vein on the inside of my left arm that swells and turns blue…looks bruised.. Will try to find it. It’s recurring. This symptom started the same time my other post covid symptoms started.


I'm not that old either! I go back to Mayo in April for consult and a few tests for the post-covid clinic. I'm going to bring it up to him.

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