Anyone disappointed with their Hospice group?

Posted by pattitoo @pattitoo, Feb 22, 2020

Sounds like I must be an ungrateful person doesn't it. However, Medicare picks up HOSPICE billing, we were offered and declined many items that were never needed at anytime.
Hospice is a wonderful service, our nursing staff normally A+ . One example, they wanted my husband to have a walker on hand for future use, we had two walkers, both in excellent condition, loans from family members.
The aid and the RN arrived together, driving separate cars. The aid never did a thing but sit and check phone constantly. Aids are not allowed to do vitals, only the RN. Eventually I found out what an aid could have offered to do, those services would be most helpful for someone living alone without a in home caregiver like a spouse, relative etc.
Many situations are far more demanding than ours, we were married over 50 years I was abundantly blessed to be able to care for my husband at home.

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Hi @pattitoo The title of your post caught my eye since my wife was in home hospice care for just over 14 months (home hospice). While nothing at the end of life is fully satisfying I must say on balance we were extremely pleased with the care my wife received from our local hospice group.

I also know every hospice organization is different from community to community and often within communities. Our town only had two and since my wife wasn't old enough for Medicare we had to pick based on insurance coverage. That said, the care my wife received in hospice was top notch! The Medical Director was a terrific doctor, her primary nurse was truly amazing, and we even had services such as delivery of meds and equipment.

Guess I am not much help with your question since we believe hospice actually provided wonderful care for my wife.

Maybe others here have been disappointed in hospice and can add their views for you.


@pattitoo Perhaps you could gently let your local Hospice people know the things you observed? I am pretty sure they would want to know both the positives and things that need to be addressed. The quality of care can be ramped up when a patient or patient's family gives feedback, otherwise they may not be aware of things to address. The hospice group my dad had, in Alameda County in California, was pretty good, and very responsive to his needs.

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