Any side effects from present flu shot with PMR?

Posted by lindaadel @lindaadel, Oct 17, 2023

I am wondering if I should get the present flu shot as I think all these shots especially the Covid shot which I had five may have brought on the PMR I really don’t know. The bottom line am I better off not getting the flu shot we getting the flu shot I really don’t know whatever you whatever your thoughts are I’d love to hear them!!!

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As we know, it just confirms we are all different. I had my flu shot a week ago Monday with no adverse reactions. Actually, the injection site only had very mild soreness that lasted less than 12 hours. Go figure. I am planning on my next Covid booster next week and the RSV two weeks after that. Still a bit leery about the shingles vaccine. We'll see how things go and keeping my fingers crossed!

My PCP and rheumatologist both recommended going ahead with vaccines, but stagger at least two weeks.

Good luck to all and stay healthy, especially with the holidays fast approaching!


I too am leary of getting vaccines now with PMR but getting them anyway. Happy to say no adverse reaction to flu shot last week. I did take an antihistamine for a few days before and after. This was suggested by my doctor. I'm spreading out my covid booster and shingles - I think I'll get shingles before covid - I've never had a problem with the "old fashion" vaccines but did with the Maderna mRNA. This may be totally unimportant, but trying to be as careful as I can. Fingers crossed.

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