Any resources for having long Covid and.a 9mm nodule joining the fun?

Posted by ericy210 @ericy210, Jun 16, 2023

I’ve been posting on the long Covid board. It’s been over a year and my issues are brain fog and fatigue. I’m in two large clinical programs and they test the daylights out of me. I have 2-3 tests a month as they develop test protocol.

Monday they did a PFT on me, which was normal. I had a chest x ray in November 2021 and May 22. Then they also did a chest CT Monday and caught a 9mm lung nodule on my right posterior lung as well as “mild air trapping.” They are getting me right into their (University of Illinois Chicago) lung nodule program. They’ve seen long Covid people with nodules. Apparently mine is big enough to need a biopsy. That’s before even getting into the large amount of cancer in my family.

Thanks for pointing me to any reputable resources or research.

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Hi there, new to this board and found your are you doing? I am in CLEveland and in the study they sent me for random ct scan and also have nodules now....never a smokeer but ICU covid pneumonia in Aug 2021 I am 53 yrs old female newly laid off and divorced and already a hot mess this summer I need to NOT google. hope you are doing fine and nodule is just a covid issue and nothing more! Sincerely, J

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