Any home oxygen provider recommendations in SE Minnesota?

Posted by nonobaddog @nonobaddog, Aug 2, 2023

I need to get home oxygen equipment in SE Minnesota. I live in Rochester but open to other cities. I need oxygen all night and then in the daytime only for activities, exertions.
I am just starting to look at providers and would really like some advice on which providers are good and which equipment is good. For equipment I am looking at a portable concentrator and possibly a second stationary concentrator for night time.
At first glance the providers all have low ratings - that is not a good sign.

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I am a Minnesota native, but live in Louisiana. But I can tell you what I have had, for 7 years, and am on oxygen 24/7. I have my Concentrator, which I keep in my LR, depending on much tubing you need to move around ( I live in a small apartment, so I have 15 ft., plus 7ft cannula….that gets me all over my apartment!! Then I have a “Phillips” Portable Unit, to go out, to shop, eat, or visit. It fits over my shoulder( purse on one shoulder, oxygen on the other‼️….it weighs 5#, comes complete with a charger, cover, settings, options for flow, and, lots of options. Had an Inogen, and my Phillips, outdoes it.
Hope I haven’t confused you, Take advantage of “Mayo’s” recommendations, for Companies.


I had to move forward so after talking to several providers, I picked Apria. So far it is all good - I got my stationery concentrator and some little tanks.
Only time will tell about billing and customer service.

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I'm in the process of getting an inhaler and the medicine for it. When I was I. Hospital and rehab oxygen therapy worked but ( the hose in the nose and mask really dried out my nasal cavity and mouth) nebulizer was great, really softened the congestion and made getting it out easier. The inhaler should work for breathing constriction fits I have occasionally


I have used Apria for the past five years and in a crisis, they can deliver supplies within a 4-hour period. Even during COVID they took care of their patients. Great Customer Service. I'm in the SF Bay Area. My health insurance covers my oxygen supplies, so I don't know about current costs or billing. I also got a small G3 portable from them 3 years ago and works great.


Inogen is the best. I have portable & stationary units. Medicare paid for them. I did buy 2 large extra batteries. An employee brought them out to me and went over details with me. I make sure there is always a fully charged portable ready to go.

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