Any great pulmonary docs in Boston or NorthEast?

Posted by jamieh @jamieh, Sep 1 4:13pm

After years of lung problems and diverse/changing diagnosis from lousy pulmonary docs, still coughing up phlegm all the time, with little benefit from Symbicort inhaler. Based on this group's advice– I have an interview tomorrow with a pulmonary nurse for an appointment at NJH. However, I live in Western MA and am worried: flights to Denver are very expensive and long. Ok, the top 3 clinics are far away– but any recommendations in New England, East coast?

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I'm in Connecticut and going to the Winchester Chest Clinic associated with Yale Hospital here in Ct. I have bronchiectasis with MAC and cavitation and my pulmonologist has me on the road to recovery. 3 negative sputums and I just started the meds in March.


Dr Metersky in head of the bronchiectasis center in Farmington, CT. There is a BE/NTM support group in Boston that might also have suggestions. You can email the group leaders Bonnie and


Thank you so much! I am going to Farmington CT to see a Neurologist on another matter next week— so I’ll know the way! And I’ve drive to New Haven, too. Many thanks for your recommendations.


If you have access to Johns Hopkins in Bayview, MD (east of Baltimore), my husband’s ID/Pulmonologist is on the NTM list and is very good. Elisa Ignatius.
Best of luck with your search.

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