Anxious about Walking with post-COVID

Posted by Laura Dropps @ldropps, Sep 23, 2021

I'm basically wondering if other people feel like I do. The Post Covid Syndrome classes through the Mayo told us that walking was one of the best exercises for us. I do not have a treadmill so I'd be walking outside. This gives me so much anxiety. I'm worried about going too far and not being able to get back home. I know it sounds silly. I am able to go to the store and shop with no anxiety, but the thought of walking to exercise fills me with worry. It's so bad that I bought a trainer for my bike so I can exercise without going outside. I worry about this becoming a general fear of leaving the house. Do others feel like this or does anyone have any advice?

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Hey, @ldropps now that we’re stretching pals, we can also be walking buddies. Come, join our virtual walking group! The discussion also mentions Mayo Clinic’s walking program. Take your cell phone with you—then you can always call for help, if needed.
The group has slowed down because of the summer heat but I’m sure we’ll get going again. Our big problem is that we talk too much!!!
Do you think this walking group would work or you?


It just might, @becsbuddy! Thank you for sharing it.


Hi Laura, Since you’re able to walk around in a store without anxiety what if you use that as your exercise? It’s amazing how much mileage you can get in a grocery store if you park the cart and keep walking back to it. Instead of methodically walking up and down each aisle.
Example, when my husband and I go shopping he takes the cart and list. He plods along…
To get my extra walking in, I look at the list, then go off to find several items and hoof it back to the cart. Then pick 3 or more items and go in search of those, again, returning to the cart at a quick rate of speed. I put on a lot of extra steps in the store by going on my shopping expedition.
Yesterday we went to a large super store (not the big W) and from the reading on my Fitbit, I accrued 1.6 miles of walking inside the grocery store! My husband set his at the same time and only had about 1/2 mile!

Also, when the weather turns inclement where I live, I walk in my house 2 or 3 x daily. Putting on at least 1.5 miles at a time. I make a circuit around our kitchen, looping through the family room, dining room, hallways…and sometimes make laps up and down the stairs. The path is clear of furniture and rugs so I can actually read a book while I’m walking. I set the time on the stove and then just enjoy a good book or listen to a podcast or music. So you don’t have to leave the house!

However, I do encourage you to try being outside in the fresh air and sunshine. Don’t go far! Baby steps at first. I don’t know what the area is like where you live but if you feel up to it, walk to the corner and back. Then the opposite direction, never far from home! Little by little you might gain confidence to go a little further. But if not that’s ok too! Home is great with a treadmill and walking in a store is equally beneficial. (Wear a mask!!). I know in our hometown we have a large mall which opens early in the morning for Mall Walkers. Groups of people of all ages head in there before the stores open to walk the huge expanse of open space.

So, I encourage you to join @becsbuddy and gang to get some calories burned and that blood flowing! Have you tried walking in the house?? (My husband only laughed the first couple of times. LOL).

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