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Posted by @sue37, Aug 12, 2011

Hi I am new to this but my husband is an agoraphobic and he has been dealin with this for 10 years and it has just gotten worse I love him so much and want to help him but what can I do I have been supportive and I will continue to be supportive he admits that he needs help but the problem is he can’t get to a doctor to get help so he feels as if he has failed his family I really don’t know what to do any advise



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Posted by @ista, Sep 1, 2011

Hi, I am Bipolar and had a lot of anxiety, some of which present as agoraphobia. First off, he is very fortunate to have you in his life 🙂 The fact that he admits he needs help is half the battle. More than half. With mental health issues I find it is usually a case of “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink”. So he wants to drink, that is excellent.

Have you tried talking to a psychiatrist and asking if it would be possible to give him some anti-anxiety medication (like Xanax) so he could get int the car and get to the office? Could you find a psychiatrist who would agree to stop by your house and make the initial diagnosis? If he did manage to get treatment mo st likely it would involve some medications, like an antidepressant and an anti-anxiety med for a while, just to calm him down and give his brain a rest– it is exhausting to be anxious and he feels so guilty as well. So meds, and some talk therapy, usually Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which works on specific behaviors and does not go into things like childhood issues (not like lie on the couch psychotherapy).

You might look online for a therapist who sees clients through Skype. Or for anxiety-specific websites that have forums of kindred souls. He is not alone.

You goal at this point is not “fix him” but “how can I get him diagnosed and a started on treatment”– ask every place you can for someone who can help him in your home where he feels safe.


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