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Anxiety Remission After General Anesthesia

Posted by @kaseyjaynexo, Nov 12, 2018

4 weeks ago, I had a laprascopic appendectomy. I am healing normally physically, but I haven’t been taking my anxiety medication because I feel “normal”. I still have moments where I am anxious or my OCD kicks in, but nothing compared to before the surgery. Has anyone else noticed this? Or even heard of something like this? I keep waiting for the “other shoe to drop” but so far, I feel great anxiety/OCD wise, things that would have bothered/triggered me, no longer do. Any help would be appreciated!


Gosh. I think it’s great if that happened! I had my gallbladder removed last year but definitely still had the same anxiety post op. Maybe it’s a blessing!

Hi, @kaseyjaynexo. Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect.

I'd like to invite some other members who have talked about anxiety and/or OCD into this conversation about how these diminished for you after your appendectomy. Please meet @@stressedmesseddepressed @cathy615 @lovingtruth83 @lorraine59 @parus. I trust they will have some insights for you. @jakedduck1 and @gailb may also have some thoughts.

@kaseyjaynexo – you said you haven’t been taking your anxiety medication because you feel “normal.” I'm wondering if you have experienced any withdrawal symptoms? Have you gotten to speak to your doctor about no longer taking the medication?

I find this interesting and wonder if your anxiety was do to the infection. I have had infections that have increased anxiety and now when the anxiety takes a new/direction I check in with my body and try to tune into possible changes.
Whatever brought about this positive change embrace it as the reason may not be known. Woo-Hoo!!

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