Anxiety or Reason for Concern: Unexplained Symptoms and Blood Results

Posted by caitlinns1 @caitlinns1, Oct 3 12:40pm

Hi, I am a 19F who has been experiencing strange symptoms over the last two years and want to know if I have reason for concern. I have a lot of cancer and health issues on all sides of the family, but also contracted mono in May which makes diagnosis a little harder. I will recount my symptoms pre and post mono, as well as some of my blood work results and would LOVE an objective opinion if I should pursue further help. I’m just really sick of feeling like I’m working 3x as hard to barely function.
PRE-MONO (a year)
-extreme fatigue and brain fog (sleeping 12-14 hours)
-developed super easy bruising (I used to not bruise like at all!)
-started bleeding really heavily (mono finger prick literally started pouring down my arm/nose piercing pour blooded for over an hour, has never been an issue before)
-got sick/infection SO SO much, like literally every month
-random but consistent pain in legs/arm (almost like growing pain severe aching but havent grown in 8 years. It literally feels like inside my bone hurts, sometimes intensely for minutes, sometimes for hours)
-went from 145-123 rapidly with zero weight loss intent (actually quit playing a varsity sport and was eating worse than ever when the weight loss happened)
-occasional swollen, painful lymphnodes
-weird tiny blood dot rash on bottoms of thighs 2x
POST MONO (the last 5 months)
-obviously, extreme fatigue
-night sweats
-more unintentional weight loss (123-109 in a month, plus a recent diagnosis of potential pcos makes this even more abnormal)
-constant swollen lymphnodes
-reoccurring bouts of fever (like a constant 99-100 for 48 hours) nearly weekly
-one case of weird rash on bottom of thighs
-was hospitalized thinking i had a kidney infection from a UTI (severe body pain, lower right back pain, and fever) but it turns out I had never had the uti to begin with?? Still unexplained
ER (7/14):
33.3 % (low)
35.4 g/dL (high)
6.8 fL (low)
Absolute Lymphocytes:
3.6 K/CUMM (high)
*low sodium as well

Check up (08/09):
13.23 x10^3/mcL
8.7 fL (low)
Absolute Lymphocytes:
3.43 x10^3/mcL (high)
Absolute Neutrophils:
8.63 x10^3/mcL
*sodium still low

MD ordered follow up to check WBC (10/1):

I’m just sick of not feeling like myself, and the bone pain, bruising/bleeding, and weight loss have me concerned there might be another issue at play. I been nervous about my health for the last year, but obviously have no professional medical knowledge. I just need someone qualified to either confirm there might be something remiss or say “youre fine, calm tf down.” I welcome brutal honesty for either answer. Please let me know any additional information needed.Thank you so much!

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Oh my goodness, @caitlinns1, wish I could just reach through this computer and give you a hug. You’re having a miserable time of things.
The high lymphocytes and neutrophil counts are pretty common when your body is fighting mono. But you had some issues before that diagnosis so your weakened immune system probably left you more susceptible to viruses such as Epstein-Barr which causes Mono.

What other tests have your doctors done? Thyroid, testing for Lyme, CMV, or other viruses? Have you been working with a hematologist?


You have been receiving some medical care but no mention about doctors. I believe that you should start with a primary care physician that you have confidence in if you don't already have one. The questions you are asking here should be asked of your personal doctor and let them take control of your case. Good luck and be well! :^)

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