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Antidepressants in NON pill-form.

Posted by @emathy4000 in Mental Health, Jan 11, 2012

I have been struggling with depression since I was a teen, and one of my main problems is that I cannot take medication in pill form without gagging, throwing up, or feeling like I'm going to for at least an hour after choking down a pill.
I am wondering if there are other ways to take antidepressants- injections or a transdermal skin patch perhaps?

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Posted by @roxie43, Jan 11, 2012

Happy New Year. I know of anti-anxiety and anti-psychotic in injectable forms. I will ask my doctor about anti-depressants. It's ironic that you have difficulties with pills because I had the same problem until my late 20's. I tend to swallow pills with soda and it has worked for me. Depending on the anti-depressant most of the pills I have seen are relatively small or gel covered capsules which are easier. If, I attempt to swallow say a large migraine excedrin with water I get the same reaction. I would suggest trying coke soda because for some reason the bubbles/acidity keep me from even feeling the pill. I will ask about other options and get back to you. I am thinking some may be in liquid form but I may be mistaken. Take Care


Posted by @emathy4000, Jan 11, 2012

Thank you so much!

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Posted by @marylynette, Jan 18, 2012

I know some anti-depressants can be made into liquid form which I have had to take because my gut doesn't always break down the pills and so I get nothing from them. I am on a patch right now, it has many side effects and many drug and eating restrictions so is not something that is easy to recommend. I have found that when I do take pills, I have to break the capsules if possible, and for me putting it in a large spoonful of orange marmelade helps it go down ever so easily. Hope you find some relief.


Posted by @roxie43, Jan 26, 2012

There are liquid form and under the toungue meltaways. There is also talk of patches in the early stages. Talk to your treater and if you don't have a prescriber often primary doctors will assist until you are connected with a psychiatrist. Please, do not allow your difficulty with pills deny you of treatment for your depression.
Did you try taking a small pill with pepsi/coke? It really does work but at least you know that you have options.
Take care and be well.

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