Ankle & toe cramps wake me during the night interrupting sleep

Posted by sweetelon @sweetelon, Oct 31 9:16am

I sleep in fetal position ( knees up ) on my sides, however when I stretch out my toes and ankles I get cramps. I drink plenty of water, I take Allopurinol 3x daily for my spleen because the Calquence dosage
( chemo )2x daily I'm diagnosed with CLL. However, the cramps were before the diagnosis. The cramps interrupts my sleep to the point I have to get out of bed thus breaking my sleep.

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I used to be bothered with terrible leg cramps that got me up walking to relieve them at night. I started taking magnesium (L-threonate) 430mg at bedtime and I don't get them very often now. This type of magnesium is supposedly supportive of brain health and promotes sleep. It can be hard to find, but I order it from Professional Supplement Center. On the rare occasion I do get them, I rub magnesium cream on my legs. Good luck – it is very painful.

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