Angioimmuneoblastic T-Cell Lymphoma???

Posted by ThorsMom @thorsmom1959, Jun 11, 2016

Hi Everyone
I just joined the site/group as I’m trying to find anyone who has or knows someone who has had Angioimmuneoblastic T-Cell Lymphoma. I was diagnosed 7 weeks ago and I’m just finishing up my 2nd round of Chemo.

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Hi @thorsmom1959. Welcome to Connect! We are so glad you’ve joined our community. I’m sorry to hear about your diagnosis; I know that must be scary. How is chemo going? Chemo treatment is definitely a hard journey, so I hope you know this community is here for you and rooting for you! Please keep us updated on your progress.

I wasn’t able to find any previous posts directly related to AITL but I am tagging @travelgirl, @bobc, @djzlady96 and @lacey who have posted about lymphoma in the past and may be able to provide some support and insight.

Also here’s a list of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL) clinical trials open now at Mayo Clinic. These are the latest treatments under study.

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@thorsmom1959 sorry you are here. I have follicular lymphoma diagnosed on 1/4/16. My lymphoma was found 2 weeks after being diagnosed with Cecum Colon Cancer stage 1, during a CT scan.
I am currently on a watch and wait treatment plan. As I do not have any symptoms. I just have a few enlarged lymph nodes near my aorta. Every 3 months I need a set of CT scans and blood work done. I return back to the DR in August for another set of scans and check up.
Mayo does have a lot of clinic trials ongoing. They also are conducting many lymphoma studies.
hugs my friend and wishing the best ..God Bless

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