Alzheimer's and Heart Disease When to Enter Palliative Care

Posted by martha59 @martha59, Apr 14, 2017

My 68 yr old husband is in 8th year of Alzheimer’s but still considered “high functioning” (which means he can walk, talk and eat by himself). He does not want any more stents or heart interventions other than meds. He is at home. Power of Attorney and DNR papers were signed along time ago, but now after 2 heart attacks, I’m praying to make the right decisions. If he were in a facility would they treat him with stents? He is adamant he wants to die at home, but hospice says he doesn’t qualify yet since no heart info / EF is available. I want to honor his wishes but I also need to be clear with God and how this all works in real life.

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Hello @martha59. Nice to e-meet you here. I am Scott and I am sorry to hear of your husband’s medical condition. My Mother-in-law had frontal temporal dementia and my wife had brain cancer for 14 years, the last two she chose to be in home hospice. It was also her deeply held desire to live out her life in her own home, which thanks to the ACA she was able to do. For many years my wife was also functional enough to accomplish basic tasks, but during this time she also made several medical decisions as to what proceedures and tests she wanted to undergo and those she wished to forego. Most of these revolved around issues she saw as differences between quality of life and quantity. Her choices were always for quality.

In our situation we needed a physician’s prescription saying he believed my wife was ‘ready’ for hospice. We never regretted our decision.

Feel free to ask any questions and I send you peace and strength.

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