Air travel with A Fib & on Zarelto

Posted by leodavid @leodavid, Jun 16, 2016

I am a 77 yr old male recently diagnosed with A Fib. I would like to attend a family wedding but my wife is worried about what she considers, an unnecessary risk. We are not especially close to the family member being married. What do you think?

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Good afternoon. If your wife is concerned, the best thing to do is contact your cardiologist, as they probably deal with these concerns with many of their patients.


If Flying is an issue for you? There is always the train. That is another option for travel. You may need to take a few extra days to travel there. It is very important you check with cardiologist before flying or traveling. You may also want to look into travel insurance? Or make sure your current insurance covers you in the state you are traveling too.. Also if your uneasy with being far from your DR., research out the closest hospitals that have good cardiac wards at the destination. Plus, bring copies of your medical records with you. This way you cover yourself every which way but loose. 🙂
If your Dr gives you the Ok to travel . Go have fun life is short.. God Bless my friend...


I have afib and take warfarin. I am 83 and regularly have a check up for coag. I travel lots, lead trips and have had no problems. I regularly take my blood pressure and record it daily. I also take solitol which mr doctor feels works well for me. You only live once...enjoy it!<br><br>

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