AIH (Autoimmune Hepititus)

Posted by justmike @justmike, Oct 3, 2022

AIH is difficult to diagnose. but how easy is it to dismiss this as the correct dignosis ?
Which tests prove that the issue is in fact NOT AIH, but rather it is some other condition ?

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Hello @justmike, I see you started this discussion back in October 2022 but no one responded. I'm wondering if you saw these two discussions on AIH.
— Autoimmune hepatitis*:
— Has anyone had a false negative for autoimmune hepatitis?:

Hopefully this will help answer your question if you haven't already seen it.
"What can be mistaken for autoimmune hepatitis?
Doctors will order additional blood tests to look for other liver diseases that have symptoms similar to autoimmune hepatitis, such as viral hepatitis, primary biliary cholangitis, primary sclerosing cholangitis, nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), or Wilson disease."
— Diagnosis of Autoimmune Hepatitis:
I read your recent post in another discussion and am sorry you have doctors that don't seem to be listening to you. I'm not sure where you are being treated but have you thought about seeking a second opinion at a teaching hospital or major health facility like Mayo Clinic?


First and foremost John, I want to thank you for your response.
Greatly appreciated.
I will most certainly check out the two discussions you have suggested.
I wish I could afford a "vacation" to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville.
I would welcome the chance to have a second un-biased opinion about my diagnosis.
(Escaping this frigid New England weather for a while would be welcome indeed !)
Thankyou John.
I might reach out to you again sometime.

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