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Age 66 on Androgel, sex drive way too low

Posted by @bruce0712, Thu, Feb 14 9:22pm

Androgel is being treated as a controlled substance ala ambien and hydrocodone etc, which for me makes me miserable. I live too far away from any place to get injections every few weeks, so the VA, fortunately, provides me with Androgel. I do have to make the trip once every 6 months to have blood levels checked maybe more so because I am 66. The Androgel gets me to just above the LOW end of the range for men, but alas, as much as I love women, my sex drive sucks and due to that, I am unhappy. With the VA, they also only ship via UPS and they require my signature, no drop offs allowed meaning I don't know when to expect delivery and I have missed a few deliveries and end up going without, though that had not happened for 8 months. Also, they will NOT allow any multiple month's worth of deliveries. Anyways, are there any suggestions to get my sex drive UP? Androgel, due to my age I know they are cautious but otherwise my health is good and I exercise.


About 20 years ago I had my testosterone levels checked and my levels were nearly off the chart… on the low end. I was seeing a doctor who put be on a compounded gel. Eventually he decided to put me on injectable testosterone which I have been on for years. The vials and needles are shipped to me and the injection process takes place 2 x week. Easy Peasy!!!

This may sound crazy but needles and vials scare me….I would guess I would screw that up as I also have essential tremors, holding things in my hands is…..well….. shaky.

The needles are very fine gauged and you rarely feel them. It took me a few times to get the knack of filling the syringe, sterilizing skin and injecting. It is now 2nd nature. I was instructed to inject .3 ml 2 times weekly but I believe you can do this 1 time per week. The idea is to smooth out the level of testosterone in the blood instead of a peak and then valley. If you are concerned about the tremors, consider seeking out a close friend who would be comfortable doing this for you.

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