Age 66 on Androgel, sex drive way too low

Posted by bruce0712 @bruce0712, Thu, Feb 14 9:22pm

Androgel is being treated as a controlled substance ala ambien and hydrocodone etc, which for me makes me miserable. I live too far away from any place to get injections every few weeks, so the VA, fortunately, provides me with Androgel. I do have to make the trip once every 6 months to have blood levels checked maybe more so because I am 66. The Androgel gets me to just above the LOW end of the range for men, but alas, as much as I love women, my sex drive sucks and due to that, I am unhappy. With the VA, they also only ship via UPS and they require my signature, no drop offs allowed meaning I don't know when to expect delivery and I have missed a few deliveries and end up going without, though that had not happened for 8 months. Also, they will NOT allow any multiple month's worth of deliveries. Anyways, are there any suggestions to get my sex drive UP? Androgel, due to my age I know they are cautious but otherwise my health is good and I exercise.

About 20 years ago I had my testosterone levels checked and my levels were nearly off the chart… on the low end. I was seeing a doctor who put be on a compounded gel. Eventually he decided to put me on injectable testosterone which I have been on for years. The vials and needles are shipped to me and the injection process takes place 2 x week. Easy Peasy!!!

This may sound crazy but needles and vials scare me….I would guess I would screw that up as I also have essential tremors, holding things in my hands is…..well….. shaky.

The needles are very fine gauged and you rarely feel them. It took me a few times to get the knack of filling the syringe, sterilizing skin and injecting. It is now 2nd nature. I was instructed to inject .3 ml 2 times weekly but I believe you can do this 1 time per week. The idea is to smooth out the level of testosterone in the blood instead of a peak and then valley. If you are concerned about the tremors, consider seeking out a close friend who would be comfortable doing this for you.

I'm 65 and a few years ago my PCP offered BioTE which are pellets inserted under the skin.

I never noticed any difference in the way I felt but numbers went from low 300's to over 1500. My wife also got the pellets and responded very nicely! 🙂 Unfortunately, her periods started again because the dose was probably too high. End result, her stopping the treatment meant that her libido died again so it was kind of pointless for me to continue.

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