After 8 months heart is still in A-Fib. Cardiologist gave me 3 options

Posted by cturner01 @cturner01, Dec 18, 2020

Yesterday I had consult with my cardiologist about what to do next . Shocking hasn’t budged my heart. They calling it chronic. He says I have 3 options
1. Do nothing - continue on Eliquis &’Cardezim
2. They can give me a high powered drug (forgot the name & try shocking again) side effects are pretty rough
3. Set up consult with an electrophisiologist for consult about ablation
I’m not sure what I need to do, but I had him set me up with the consult electrophysiologist for 1/6.

Anyone else going through this?

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I just posted a long explanation of our experience on "Heart Rhythm Conditions"- the thread is "Meds to Stop A fib". It will shed some light.

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My sister has had AFib 7 yrs she’s 64 .
She’s been on a ton of meds for heart ♥️ and AFib.
After many years she just had to get ablation.
It seems to have helped her .
Just get a good EP to do it .
Praying 🙏 it all works out .
I get pvcs but not on any meds for it . Just Heart Calm by Vital Biologics . Helps a lot . Google it .
I get it directly from their website.
It’s a Godsend for me .
Triple Magnesium w/ Q-10
And potassium ( 3 diff magnesiums).

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