Afib - Wolf Mini Maze procedure

Posted by RN Linda @vermontrob, Oct 29, 2017

Has anyone heard of this surgical procedure, reportedly better chance of success than ablation? Dr Wolf in houston developed it…
also, has anyone been on tikosyn for more than 5 years or so? thanks. VT Rob

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Patricia talks about seeing Dr. Wolf and considering the mini-maze procedure. See the comment by @patinhou here:
Patricia, did you decided to have the mini-maze done? Why or why not?

Linda, you may have alread read this, but here’s a paper talking about the procedure
– Minimally invasive surgery for atrial fibrillation—Wolf Mini Maze procedure

There is a discussion about tikosyn here. Care to participate?
– Tikosyn for A Fib


Thoracic surgeon inform me that AF sufferer may consider MM , A EP shld stand by to perform the ablation as well. Thats two procedures by 2 specialist. Double cost n what abt the time factor… anyone gone through MM as a stand alone procedure?


I took tikosyn successfully for 5.5 years, but I went into atrial flutter in April of this year. (This was just after I was switched to the generic form of dofetilide, which seems suspicious to me, but I am assured that I had just reached the end of effectiveness after a good long time.) I have been in atrial flutter since then. Cardioversion failed so I was taken off dofetilide and refered for traditional ablation, but the TEE just before the ablation showed too much "sludge" in my left atrial appendage. I have talked to a surgeon who wants to do open heart ablation, closure of the LAA and maybe replacement of my mitral valve. I have been researching less invasive ways to accomplish these things, so I am also interested in the Wolf mini maze. I need to talk to my surgeon, who is working on less invasive techniques, and then find the best place for a second opinion. If anyone has similar experience, I would love to hear it!

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