Adrenal cancer metastasized

Posted by xtremeleigh @xtremeleigh, May 22 10:47am

I've just been diagnosed with adrenal cancer metastasized to kidney with spots in liver and lungs. I'm wanting to speak with someone else who is experiencing this .I'm 59 and my cancer was accidentally found. In the last 4 weeks I first developed edema and high blood pressure. I'm in medical ward now trying to get blood pressure down 195/average. Next symptom last week was not being able to hold urine. When I've got to go I've got to go straight away. Discomfort in my back and under ribs has started and drastic weight loss with nausea. Fatigue has been with me even before diagnosis. The last scan Wednesday will be if it's in the main blood vessel

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@xtremeleigh, you sound like you are dealing with a lot. I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis of metastatic adrenal cancer and all the complications you're experiencing.

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Leigh, what treatment is being suggested for you? How are doing?


I have had kidney, pancreatic and liver cancer have survived for several years in good health, but now it has been discovered in my adrenal gland and small area in stomach wall. My doctor is favoring drug therapy. Keytruda and Inlyta has anyone gone through this type of treatment.?

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