Pain Pill Addiction and Neuropathy - Looking for Guidance

Posted by mom29907 @mom29907, Feb 2, 2020

I am a neuropathy sufferer, CMT, with minimal pain right now. However, my mother suffers from painful peripheral neuropathy. She is the reason I joined this group. I am looking for advice and guidance. My mother was treated by a neurologist for years and prescribed Percocet. She became addicted. Recently, her neurologist referred her to a pain clinic. Her Percocet prescription needed increased and he told her he could not do it. At the pain clinic, she was prescribed methadone. Upon her return visit, the doctor at the clinic “released” her, said she was an abuser of her pills. So, she not only is dealing with chronic pain she is suffering from withdraw symptoms from years of pill addiction. Watching this is heartbreaking. I am desperate to get her treatment for both conditions but she isn’t making it easy. I am looking for suggestion for successful treatments that don’t involve opioids. I was going to encourage her to try laser therapy but don’t think that will be an option due to how expensive it is. Any guidance, suggestions, etc. would be so greatly appreciated.

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Don’t believe it is ! I’m using it though! Have spinal stenosis with neuropathy in feet! Gabapentin and the others did nothing and had severe side effects! Kratom is plant based,

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wilcy, I, too have spinal stenosis with neuropathy in my feet. I haven't heard of Kratom but I do go to the local hospital's pain clinic. My doctor has prescribed three pain pills which I take three times a day. Gabapentin is one of them. I don't know all the side effects but I do know if I forget to take my pills at a certain time, my pain tells me I forgot. I wanted to ask you, "Have/has any doctor(s) told you that you need surgery? Seven of the best surgeons told me I need a rod, cage, fusion, I can't remember what all. I don't want it so that is why I go to the pain clinic. Even a pain clinic doctor said I really need surgery! I worry about my feet and legs because they don't get the circulation they need. I have pain in my feet, do you?

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