Aching legs from Small Fiber Neuropathy

Posted by rwinney @rwinney, Oct 23, 2019

One of my relentless symptoms from neuropathy is profusely aching legs. Does anyone share this symptom with me? At times I wonder if it could be another issue. They hurt so bad and create pain when walking continuously. Both legs feel heavy, tired and can't get much mileage. When I walk it's as though they are full of lead and they make me go at a turtles pace. If I stop and don't move they may settle a bit but then same old situation as I walk again. Only relief is being elevated and wrapped with heat or soaking in warm water. That buys me maybe a half hour or an hour tops. Same goes for any topicals. A tight wrap feels good almost like a weighted blanket does. Something about tightening the muscles does too.
I appreciate comments or feed back you may have to share on this.
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In light of this post and a few others of mine, heres my update:

Went to my existing Neuro for additional relief options and questioned plasmapherisis and IVIG. He said, auto immune doesn't line up with my case (based on last years spinal tap) however offered to send me to his colleague as I had requested updated EMG/Nerve Conduction study (last done 2 years ago).

After the 2 drs reviewed my case…I was told again that I don't line up for IVIG (immune deficiency) however, they will oblige me by conducting a new study. I asked, how about plasmapherisis then??? The response I received was, let's just do the new study first.

Who knows…the muscle weakness through my whole body has declined and not that I want to go through the miserable test again, I feel it should be ruled out. Maybe it'll be fine and my weakness is simply SFPN.

Questions for anyone out there…

1. Have you had EMG/Nerve Conduction study results change over time and become positive after a re-do?

2. Have you received plasmapherisis and what were your results?

Thank you

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Rachel, I will be having repeat EMG tests run on my leg and arm in April. Last done 7 years ago. Will let you know how my results compare.

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